Fast Internet Is Coming To Vienna (We hope!)

On Monday July 20th there is a meeting about an ongoing project to improve our Internet service.  You can attend this meeting from your desk at home!  Connect up using your computer and a program called Zoom.  Or just call in on your phone.  You will be able to listen and also ask a question or voice an opinion.  Using your computer won’t cost you a penny.  If you call in on the phone there may be toll charges depending on your telephone service plan.

The meeting is being presented by a 6 town co-operative group that has moved a pretty fair ways down the road toward getting high speed Internet installed for everyone in the 6 towns.  The Selectpersons in each town have been kept in the loop as the project developed.  Now you can learn where the project stands at the moment and the several steps that need to be taken to in the near future to make fast (broadband) Internet a reality in Vienna, Mount Vernon, Wayne, Leeds, Readfield and Fayette.  Join us to hear how we are working to get service just as good as they have in Portland!

If you have any questions please contact Tom Jewett at 207-242-7612 or e-mail at


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