Detailed Question

How will I be connected to the network?

Outdoor Construction: Each location will receive a single dedicated aerial drop or an underground line. The fiber path will follow your existing onsite utilities. Aerial drops will be placed during network construction, and completed at the time of your interior appointment. Installation of underground service requires a different process for which you will be contacted in advance. A standard installation is for a driveway off an existing road in Vienna. If a new road is built the town will negotiate the cost for installing fiber service.

Interior Installation: A standard installation includes a device called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which is installed in your basement or on the ground floor, and standard ethernet cable hardwired to a WiFi router, usually installed on the ground floor in a central location. Custom installations may incur additional charges; please ask when scheduling if you have special requests. In the event of a power outage, unless you have a backup power source or generator the ONT and router will not be able to continue providing service.