selectmen's Meeting - Oct. 17, 2017

Meeting Date
Jeff Rackliff, Chris Smith, Marti Gross, Ernestine Emery, Steve Young
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  2. Read and accepted minutes from the previous selectmen meeting.
  3. Warrant #18 was reviewed and signed ($107,568.43)
  4. The Cumner Road has been paved and work has started on the Davis Road hill. The Road Commissioner has started the removal of the base of the road to replace with a better packing product. The road has always been a clay and rock base. The new base will be crushed stone that will be much better and more stable. This should help maintain the new pavement that will be applied later this month.
  5. The selectmen reviewed the Bank Reconciliation Report.
  6.  The selectmen worked with a resident in reference to a foreclosure on his property.
  7. The Cemetery Sexton sold four lots this week. Copies were made of the deeds.                                                                          

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