Selectmen's Minutes

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Jeff Rackliff, Marti Gross, John Archard, Brian Church, Paul LaBlond
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  2. Read and accepted minutes from the previous meeting
  3. Warrant #17 ($162,684.29)
  4. The damaged tarp on the sand/salt pile was covered under warranty and the new one will be arriving in the next few weeks. At this point we will wait until next spring to “install” the new tarp,
  5. Discussed the annual chimney cleaning with the Fire Chief. It has been determined that the Town is not covered by insurance for this work. MMA and Kyes Insurance,MEMIC, etc. have all told us that this kind of coverage is not available. Though the chimney cleaning is seen as a valuable prevention service, it is a liability to the town (and the Fire Chief).
  6. Discussed the rebuild of pump on Fire Truck Engine 82; the estimate is $14,711.00. This quote came in from Reliance Equipment. The truck needs to pump 1250 gallons per minute and a leak in the seal box is causing the oil to froth up and could cause potential damage to the gear housing. The plan is to replace the seals and reuse the gears. The selectmen and Chief have decided the money will come from the Fire Department capital reserve account ($6118.01) and the fire department operating account
  7. The Bank reconciliation report was reviewed and signed by the selectmen.
  8. Maine Municipal Association Workers Compensation sent a $76.00 refund to the town. This is for not having any workers comp claims for the year.
  9. Selectmen voted unanimously to adopt the General Assistance Ordinance Appendices A-E for 2016-2017.

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