Planning Board Minutes - November 28, 2018

Meeting Date
Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, and Tim Bickford; also present were designer Andre Duby, John and Patty Haggan, Dan and Pat Onion, and Matt Rungi


On November 4 Regular members Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, and Creston Gaither met with Joanie Peter on her Flying Pond depicted on tax map 11 as lot 2-H, regarding ongoing work which the Board had discussed briefly at its October 24 meeting. A shed is under construction and steep slopes were noted; exposed bare ground on an existing steep access road was the Board’s major concern. The shed’s setbacks and dimensions appeared to conform with Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (SZO) requirements, and a silt fence is in place between the shed and the pond. Hay bales and water bars were suggested for the access road.

Based on Ms. Peter’s verbal representations and its visual inspection, and a subsequent examination of the pertinent flood hazard map, the Board determined that the project as outlined above:

  1. Will maintain safe and healthful conditions;
  2. Will not result in water pollution, erosion, or sedimentation to surface waters;
  3. Will adequately provide for the disposal of all wastewater;
  4. Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life, bird or other wildlife habitat;
  5. Will conserve shore cover and visual, as well as actual, points of access to inland waters;
  6. Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan;
  7. Will avoid problems associated with floodplain development and use; and
  8. Is in conformance with the provisions of Section 15, Land Use Standards.

It was voted 3 – 0 to authorize Creston to issue the usual permit by letter for this proposal (after the fact), on this condition: hay bales or other erosion control measures must be put in place to stabilize the lower portion of the access road.

Tonight’s regular meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM; regular members present were Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, and Tim Bickford; also present were designer Andre Duby, John and Patty Haggan, Dan and Pat Onion, and Matt Rungi. Alan was elected acting chairman in Waine Whittier’s absence. Minutes of the October 24 meeting were read and accepted.

Dan Onion presented a survey map and outlined his intentions regarding rights-of-way and boundaries pertinent to the former Alden Gordon lot depicted on tax map 11 as lot 51, which he has acquired. He was advised that these are legal issues over which the Board has no authority and thus no formal action was taken.

Matt Rungi presented a survey map depicting a proposed division of Lot 4 in Whittier Pond Overlook subdivision, which is depicted on tax map 11 as lot 6-4. In 2003 the Board had placed a note on the subdivision plan indicating that Board approval would be required for such a division; this note is referenced in Note 8 on the current survey map. It does not impose any standards for such an approval. The Board reviewed the current map and discussed it and voted 3 – 0 to approve the division and signed the mylar and paper copies.

The Haggans outlined their plans to acquire land on Flying Pond depicted on tax map 11 as lot 60 and currently taxed to Donna Woodward. They said the well and septic system are in place. They may want to move the septic tank. They were advised that they will need a SSWD permit to do this, and that they would need an entrance permit from the Road Commissioner to access the parcel directly from Klir Beck Road. SZO setback requirements were outlined. They were advised that they can remove a dead tree near the pond. SZO rules for stairways and paths to the pond and for timber pruning and harvesting were outlined.

Recently issued permits will be turned in when Waine returns.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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