Planning Board - Minutes: Feb. 25, 2009


The meeting convened at 7:00 PM. Members present were Waine Whittier, Bob Bassett, Nanou Laliberte, and Creston Gaither. Minutes of the February 4 meeting were read and accepted.

The Van Woerts' application to construct a “screenhouse” on their Whittier Pond/ Klir Beck Road parcel (tax Map 11 Lot 67) was reviewed. It was agreed that the board should visit the site and that this would be infeasible under the current deep snow conditions. Creston will notify the applicants that the proposal was therefore tabled but that the board made an informal and non-binding statement that its members are unaware of anything in the proposed Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (SZO) revisions which would preclude its permitting the project. He will also advise them that their response to their Feb 4 permits has not as yet been received.

The proposed SZO revisions were discussed. Waine has revised page 1 as advised by attorney Susanne Pilgrim at MMA. Creston will check his records to determine whether March 3, 2001 was in fact the most recent revision. Waine also made the change recommended by John Archard concerning Code Enforcement Officer site visits (see Feb 4 minutes) and deleted references to zoning districts that we don't have. Rich Baker at DEP has advised Waine that we can adopt the new ordinance now and revise the map later. He said we could exclude developed areas such as Whittier Pond subdivision and other existing developable lots from Resource Protection Districts and that the Dec 31, 2008 GIS waterfowl layer is the correct one to use; Waine will revise the SZO to include that date. At Creston's suggestion Waine will put “revised March 14, 2009” on page 1.

Sue Burns had suggested that the informational note in the SZO regarding ponds at risk include Flying and Parker Ponds if applicable. Waine will check to see if they are considered “at risk.”

Regarding the SZO map: Creston presented the latest preliminary version. He will add the date 3/14/09 to coincide with the date of the revised ordinance. The possibility of showing contours on the map was discussed; it was generally agreed that they would clutter the map up, might confuse some, could lead to zoning district location errors if handheld GPS units were used to locate the contours on the ground; and might not show up on some web browsers. Creston was authorized to create preliminary versions both with and without contours but was authorized to make a final determination and to make such minor edits and corrections as he deems necessary for the March 14 version. It was agreed that in view of Rich Baker's clarification as to the GIS waterfowl layer there may be no need to hire the mapping out.

It was agreed that SZO permit fees are probably too low. Waine will discuss this with Rich Baker.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Creston Gaither, secretary

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