Planning Board - Minutes: August 28, 2013



At 6:00 PM the Board did a site visit at the Vienna Ponds Association site taxed as Map 10 lot 000-R/WN; regular members present were Waine Whittier, Ed Lawless, Austin Harrell,and Creston Gaither. Also present representing the Association was Dan McBride

At 7:00 PM the regular meeting convened at the Town House; with the aforesaid persons in attendance. Also present was Code Enforcement Officer John Archard. Minutes of the July 24 meeting were read and accepted.

Mr. McBride said that the Association is concerned with wear on the road approaching its boat launch and with the resultant erosion. He would like to place gravel on and crown said road and to place  between 16 and 24 cy of crushed stone in the turnaround area near the existing ramp. He has applied to D.E.P. for a permit by rule for this work but says the application is not especially detailed. John said that the application before the Board this evening does  not include enough information to support the Findings of Fact required by the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. He suggests that we develop a checklist to use when making such Findings and noted that some items on said list might not apply to some applications.

Mr. McBride agreed to send a copy of the Association’s D.E.P. application and the Board decided to reconsider the application next month.

John recapped his recent enforcement action on the Morin parcel on Kimball Pond Road. He would also like permits to specify that any changes to an application or site plan must be approved by the Planning Board, including changes to the location of a septic field. He said he would be willing to review applications in the future and suggested we create a written application form which specifically addresses each required finding of fact.

Waine will work on developing a form for Findings of Fact.

Town Clerk Annie Tibbetts appeared and swore new regular member Austin Harrell in.

Creston  agreed to check the minutes from prior years to see when the current Board members were last sworn in.

The Board has received no new communications about the proposed cell tower (see Nov. 28 minutes).

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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