Selectmen's Meeting - July 17, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Jeffrey Rackliff, Brian Church, Marti Gross
  1.  Opened and dispersed mail.
  2.  Read and accepted minutes from previous meeting,
  3.  Reviewed and signed Warrant # 14 ($71,479.79)
  4.  The selectmen and Fire Chief Brian Church discussed the need for dredging of the Mill Stream Pond (in the past this has been reviewed, found to be very expensive, with no grants available). The pond has filled in and this has made it difficult for the Fire Department to use this as a place to fill the trucks. The Army Corps of Engineering will be contacted along with the D.E.P. The option of installing well tiles was also discussed. Brian will be contacting the Kennebec E.M.A.
  5.  The Health Officer (Dan Onion) tested the water from the swimming area at the boat launch on Flying Pond. The test came back with no danger of e coli.The water is safe for swimming.
  6.  Adjourned.

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