Recycling Notice beginning Nov. 14th, 2018

Important Recycling Notice


Vienna recycling will become Single Stream

You will now be able to mix your recyclables in one bin. But remember that they still need to be clean, covered and dry. This has come about because China no longer accepts recyclables from the US due to contamination. Vienna has been very lucky in being able to recycle for a low tipping fee due to our clean and sorted product for many years. All communities are now being hit with this increase in fees and our contractor, Riverside, is no longer able to sell our sorted materials.


DO NOT put recycling in plastic bags!

No Plastic Bags of any kind.

Please print out a copy of the provided chart of do’s and don’ts for Single Stream as a reference. Note that plastic bags are particularly harmful to the Stream and do not put them in your recycling. But other than that, Recycling items are the same as in the past (paper, plastic, metal, glass) the difference being that it all goes together. You can still use separate containers but items will be mixed in the truck.

The same requirements apply for rinsing out cans and bottles, they do not have to be fully cleaned but should not have remaining food in them.

Please, remember to print out this chart as a reference for the single stream recycling requirements.

And Thank you for recycling!

The Merry Dumpsters

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