Job Opening - Neighbors Driving Neighbors

New, Local, Part-Time, Community Service Job Opening

Assistant Coordinator for Neighbors Driving Neighbors (NDN)

A non-profit corporation providing free rides to residents of our 5-town service area. NDN’s mission is to enrich our communities by coordinating volunteer drivers who assist those who do not drive, so they can more easily remain in their homes.

Our vision is that central Maine communities will be a place where people of all ages are able to enjoy meaningful lives while living in their homes.


Neighbors Driving Neighbors will contract for the position of assistant coordinator of our rides program. NDN will provide the assistant coordinator contractor with support from the Board of Directors (Board) and the NDN coordinator, who will provide training and support. A cell phone to receive and make business calls will be shared between the assistant coordinator and the coordinator, and both will need their own computer to assist in scheduling and tracking rides.


  • Compassion and empathy for riders needing our services
  • Willingness and ability to work with the population who will use our services such as seniors, handicapped individuals and others unable to drive for whatever reason.
  • Excellent telephone skills; patience with those who may have difficulty hearing on the phone
  • Clear speaking and writing abilities
  •  Able to work with Google Apps (Gmail, Contacts, Voice, Calendar, Maps and Drive), as well as MS Access Database, Word and Excel
  • Familiarity with the geography of the area and map reading skills
  • Understanding of volunteer needs and constraints on their availability
  • Preference given to resident applicants in our towns: Fayette, Rome, Belgrade, Mt. Vernon, and Vienna


NDN anticipates that during the first years of operation, the position will require 8 to 10 hours per week; NDN will pay a stipend the first 6 months of $1750, divided in two equal quarterly installments. The Board will adjust the stipend after the 6 months based on satisfactory performance, call volume, duty sharing, cooperation and cross coverage with coordinator, and other duties added in the future by joint agreement of Board, coordinator and the assistant coordinator.

This position will be as a contractor, like the coordinator, and will supply his/her own computer and other equipment, do the scheduling and driver supervision independently, collaborate with the Board on driver and rider recruitment, be paid a fixed contracted amount adjusted each year based on performance, and receive as benefits only liability insurance for this work from NDN.


Send a letter of interest with education, volunteer experience, and work history by April 29, 2017, to: Michelle Fitzgerald, NDN Vice-President, 851 Tracy Cove Circle, Rome, ME 04963 397-3752; email:

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