Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - October 20, 2016

Meeting Date
Jim Anderberg, Marianne Archard and Susan Burns

Committee members agreed to invite the Planning Board to the November meeting to review and discuss proposed revisions to three ordinances: Building, Shoreland Zoning and Subdivision.

Discussion followed about developing draft language on consistent road setbacks in all three ordinances. The proposed changes would set a consistent 60-foot setback from public roads as currently required in the Building Ordinance and a 40-foot setback from private roads, establish measurement from the centerline of the existing traveled way and delete measurement from the edge of the r-o-w in the Building Ordinance.

Susan agreed to draft the proposed revisions and send them to other members in late October so the draft could be reviewed and revised before the November meeting with the Planning Board. The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

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