Merry Dumpsters 2018 Annual Report

Merry Dumpster Report

Vienna's total 2018 trash disposal was 205.4 tons; we recycled 82.3ton, which is a total of curbside pickup, recyclable drop off at the transfer station, and our bulky pick up days. These tonnage figures do not include the Universal waste which is also considered toward our recycling percentage. In 2017 our percentage reported to the State was 36.18%; we do not have the 2018 percentage at the time of this report.

Some specific items that we recycled as part of the Bulky Pickup which also includes Universal Waste:

  • 10 tons metal
  • 45 television
  • 10 computers, monitors, printers
  • 9.7 tons tires

In the middle of November 2018 Vienna changed from separated recyclable material to single-stream recycling. It is absolutely essential that the rules be followed for what can and can't be recycled. The recycling is being picked up by Riverside Recycling, is taken to Norridgewock Land Fill, and from there EcoMaine Recycling is picking it up. Every load is inspected as it is dumped at Norridgewock and the WHOLE load will be rejected if there is any unacceptable material in the load (and it will become trash). We are still recycling the same materials: paper, glass, cardboard, metal, plastic (not plastic film/bags or styrofoam)

In order to avoid having all of Vienna's recycling rejected, the Riverside Disposal drivers will now check as they pick up the recycling. The drivers are very accommodating, but they can't empty individual plastic bags into the truck. This may result in them not taking an individual's recycling if it contains unacceptable materials. They will leave an OOPS! flyer that explains what is unacceptable. The major problems they have seen are plastic bags and Styrofoam. Please remember:


(such as SaranWrap®, shrink wrap) – ONLY HARD PLASTIC BUT NO STYROFOAM

Once we get used to the rules, the single stream recycling will make it easier to recycle. EcoMaine has a great tool to answer specific questions about what can and can't be recycled. Here is the link to it:

There are three curbside Bulky Pick Up days every year. Universal Waste (batteries, florescent tubes, mercury items, computers, televisions, electronics, and printers) are collected on the bulky days; for 2019 the dates are: Mary 13, July 22, and October 14.

Vienna has done a great job in the past and the Merry Dumpsters thank all the loyal recyclers and composters.

Repectfully submitted

Hillary Hutton and Muffy Floyd

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