News and Comments - Vol. 1 No. 1 - 1984

Document synopsis

Editors: Peter Devine, Coloman von Graff, Bob Weingarten

Luther Gray on making Hay, by Alice Bloom

Dr. Shaw Library report by Bonnie Dwyer

Our Schools: Mt. Vernon by William C. Hayes

Candidates Speak Out: Mt. Vernon - Kerry Casey, Jack Flannery, George Smith, Deane Jones, Herbert Choat

Vienna: Our Taxes by Coloman VonGraff

Candidates Speak Out: Vienna - Betty Clark, Gary Seamon, Dodi Thompson, Harold Bean, Alvin Hastings, Irene Goff, Ed Collins, Coloman VonGraff

Vienna: Where does the money go

Community Activities: Vienna - Fire department, Vienna Historical Society, Grange

Vienna Comprehensive Plan Revised by Creston Gaither

Our Schools: Vienna by Albert Raedle

Keeping an Eye on Vienna Water by Frank Fire

Document Date

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