Vienna Community Resilience Workshop - Nov. 28, 2023, 7pm

GrowSmart Maine is working with the Town of Vienna to enroll the town in the Community Resilience Partnership. As a part of this process, all interested residents and partners are invited to a Community Resilience Workshop on Tuesday 28 November at 7pm at the Vienna Community Center. The purpose of the workshop is to review Vienna's Community Resilience self-assessment results and prioritize community actions for possible grant funding and implementation. Please feel free to share this email with other residents you believe would be interested in participating.
Draft Agenda:
7pm - Introduction to the Community Resilience Partnership 
7.15pm - Review of Vienna Self-Assessments
7.45pm - Discussion of Priority Community Actions
8.30am - Next steps
Please see the two draft self-assessments attached. To make sure we capture relevant information and knowledge, feel free to send me any comments or additional information you think should be included by Wednesday 22 November so that we have a final draft by the 28th. For inspiration, I have also attached two documents outlining projects that have received funding through the Community Resilience Partnership in the past.
Need transportation to the workshop? Contact Neighbors Driving Neighbors in due time to request a ride.
Unable to attend in person but would like to listen in? Zoom link:
The Community Resilience Partnership funds projects that reduce energy use and costs and/or make communities more resilient to severe weather and changing environments. The grants are given directly to communities enrolled in the partnership with no match required. To enroll, a community must meet three criteria: adopting a resolution of commitment, completing a pair of self-assessments, and holding a community workshop to prioritize initial climate resilience and clean energy actions.


Grant awards are up to $50,000 for each municipality or up to $125,000 when two or more communities’ partner on a project. These funds can be used as a match for other grants. Grants applications are usually due in March and September. Categories of project types that require no match are:

  • Transportation
  • Plan for Community  Resilience
  • Building Design
  • Reduce Flood Risk
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas  Emissions
  • Protect Natural/Working Areas
  • Strengthen Public Health
  • Support Natural Resource Economy
  • Public Engagement
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. 
I hope to see you at the Vienna Community Center on the 28th.

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