Town Government Directory


Click on the names to e-mail the officials      
  Board of Selectmen (for meeting minutes, Click Here)    
    Laura Church 207-293-3892    
    Chris Smith  207-293-3383    
    Jeff Rackliff 207-491-1621    
  Town Clerk/Tax Collector (for more information, Click Here    
    Annie Tibbetts 207-293-2915    
    Kerry Casey 207-458-2482    
  Road Commissioner      
    Dan Goucher 207-293-2833    
  Animal Control Officer      
    Donald Tibbetts 207-293-2915    
  Code Enforcement Officer    
  Plumbing Inspector    
    Erin Quimby 207-592-7737    
  Local Health Officer (for more information, Click Here)    
    Vacant Position      
  Addressing Officer      
    Tim Bickford 207-215-6004    
  School Board Representative      
    Josh Robbins 207-293-2181    
  Planning Board Members (minutes here )      
    Waine Whittier, Chair    
    Creston Gaither, Secretary    
    Alan Williams    
    Ed Lawless    
    Tim Bickford    
  Winter Roads Contractor      
    Troy Bean 207-491-5798    
  Municipal Cemetery Sexton      
    Ernestine Emery (No email) 207-293-2332    
  Vienna Newsletter (All newsletters here)      
    Kirsten Heck      
  Web Site Administrator  
    Jim Anderberg  

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