Meeting Date
Chris Smith, Jeff Rackliff, Laura Church
  1. Reviewed and dispersed the mail. 
  2. The selectmen read and accepted the minutes from the previous meeting. 
  3. The selectmen signed and sent a letter of thanks to the Girl Scout Troop 2096 for the 2 lilac trees they planted at the Town House. 
  4. The Selectmen discussed heat pump installations in the Townhouse and the community room. 
  5. The flower garden in front of the Townhouse has been started and all residents are encouraged to add flowers. 
  6. The selectmen voted to have the edge of the parking lot back filled to protect the pavement.
  7. Selectboard worked on Tree Growth and Property cards. 
  8. The selectmen discussed the need for a Code Enforcement Officer and a new Plumbing inspector. The Board has a few candidates they will be contacting. 
  9. Meeting adjourned.