Planning Board Meeting - September 23, 2020

Meeting Date
Board members: Waine Whittier, Creston Gaither, Alan Williams, Ed Lawless, and TimBickford.
Also present were Code Enforcement Officer Matt Drost, Beverly Harpine and her brother Eric Moore.

Beverly Harpine said that Pincushion Island on the northerly end of Flying Pond is for sale. It lies opposite her shoreline property. She asked what is permissible on the island. Waine has received an inquiry about putting a houseboat or a dock in. Richard Flewelling at MMA said we have no existing prohibition against houseboats. He said the Town could pass an ordinance in this regard.

Beverly is concerned about possible excess traffic to the island and about water – related recreation that could be dangerous. She was advised that she could 1). buy the island; or 2). petition the Town to pass an ordinance, and that no existing Town ordinance addresses her concerns, and that Edgecomb may have an ordinance regarding houseboats that might serve as a model. Waine will ask John Archard about pertinent restrictions on waste disposal.

Ed reported on the broadband committee. It received a proposal from a provider who did some work in some Franklin County Towns. Fayette and Vienna are considered underserved.The provider suggested that Fayette and Vienna join forces. They want 180 people from these towns to sign up at $90/month. The Committee is hoping for one or two more proposals.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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