Planning Board Meeting - August 23, 2023

Meeting Date
Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, Ed Lawless, Ridgely Fuller, Wally Seymour


At 6:30 PM regular members Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, and Ed Lawless made site visits to the Greg Briggs parcel on Kimball Pond Road and to the Angela Bell parcel on Jesse Ladd Road.

They conducted the regular meeting at the Town House beginning at 7:15 PM. Also present were Ridgely Fuller and Wally Seymour. Minutes of the July 26 meeting were read and accepted.

Ridgely Fuller would like to expand the existing A-Frame on her island. Shown on tax map 10 as lot 101. It is 50 feet from high water mark. She was advised that no expansion can be any closer to the water. The Shoreland Zoning Ordinance rules for expansion of non-conforming structures were reviewed and outlined. A site visit and a permit would be required if she moves the existing structure.

Wally Seymour had a site visit and a permit in 2021 for a project at 44 Vienna Shores Road which was never begun, involving a garage and a shed. His existing camp is only 30’ to 50’ from the water; he would like to expand it. The SZO suggests that he could perhaps expand it by 30% as it predates January 1, 1989. The proposed garage may include some plumbing. He would like the Board to reissue his 2021 permit. Relying on the site visit and findings of fact made in 2021 it was voted 4 – 0 to reissue the permit. Wally will email a copy of the 2021 SSWD permit to Creston. He will contact Waine to arrange a site visit for the camp expansion.

Regarding Greg Briggs’ proposal as outlined on the sketch he provided on site, based on its site visit and the sketch and on Greg’s verbal representations, and a subsequent review of the pertinent flood hazard map, the Board concluded that this project:

  1. Will maintain safe and healthful conditions;
  2. Will not result in water pollution, erosion, or sedimentation to surface waters
  3. Will adequately provide for the disposal of all wastewater;
  4. Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life, bird or other wildlife habitat;
  5. Will conserve shore cover and visual, as well as actual, points of access to inland waters;
  6. Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan;
  7. Will avoid problems associated with floodplain development and use; and
  8. Is in conformance with the provisions of Section 15, Land Use Standards.

The Board then voted 4 – 0 to authorize Creston to issue the usual permit by letter for this proposal.

Regarding the shed observed during the Board’s visit to the Angela Bell site, the Board made Findings of Fact as listed above and voted 4 – 0 to authorize Creston to issue a permit for the shed. He will advise her that she should seek a new permit for a house should she still wish to build one.

Jon Vigneault’s email of today was reviewed. The Board will seek to coordinate his site visit with that for Wally Seymour mentioned above.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Creston Gaither, secretary

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