Broadband Questions for the August 29, 2023 Informational Meeting

In anticipation of the broadband informational meeting scheduled for Aug. 29, 2023 here are the questions we've received so far. These will be addressed at the meeting.

  • It would be helpful to learn anything that is known about how the rollout will happen for the pole-to-home installations. Is there a plan for which roads are on what part of the project timeline? It will help navigate upcoming service renewal contracts with current ISPs.
  • Once the fiber is installed, who/how will be able to get the fiber to the house? Is the resident responsible for that? If so, how much do you expect that might cost? Is there anything else we need to do on our end?
  • If we are not here when the install is ready, how is this accomplished? Do they install a box to the outside of your house and then when you come up you arrange for the install?
  • What are the specs of the trench for the wires - for those with underground wires to their homes.
  • Cost of installation if done during the sign up period and cost of installation if done later.
  • What are the monthly costs?
  • Will we still have Consolidated Communications for internet service?
  • Can I still qualify for the internet discount I qualify for now?
  • Will it work in all kinds of weather?
  • Will it cost me more than my small Social Security check that is pretty much all I am living on?
  • Will there be a way to shut the service down for the summer for seasonal folks?   Consolidated does this, charging a reduced fee to maintain the account/service.  We understand that not all providers do this, but it’s pretty common.
  • Will the monthly cost increase after the initial period (i.e. a year or so)?  If so, what are those fees predicted to be and when would they increase?
  • Will installation be available during the summer months for seasonal residents? 
  • While the ground isn’t frozen, I think I’ll look into having a conduit installed underground from the pole to my house in anticipation of the fiber cable. Do you think Axiom or members of the Broadband committee might know who does this work in the Vienna area?… just any electrician, perhaps? 
  • Will my DSL connection still operate after fiber installation until I terminate service with Consolidated Communications?
  • Can any existing WiFi router brand/model be used with the fiber connection?
  • If Axiom is limited to 270 homes for free installation during the construction phase (per the Installation Guide), and if demand exceeds 270, how will eligibily be determined for getting free installation? First come first served?
  • When will subscriptions begin
  • What will be done for underground connections or other possibilities to get service to our cottage rather than running another fiber all the way there.  It is about 1/2 mile from our house, mostly through the woods.
  • The grant was awarded in January 2023. The Federal and State authorities delayed distribution
    of grant funds and therefore our project while they revised the contractual language governing
    the grant. Has the contract for the grant now been signed? If not, why not?
  • The article passed at the special town meeting included a budget based on a grant of about $1.8
    million. The actual grant was awarded at $2.2 million. What is the revised budget for the
  • It has been nearly a year since the special town meeting. Have the material and construction
    costs for the project been updated to reflect any increases that Vienna will have to pay?
  • Has the contract with Axiom been signed? If not, why not?
  • Has the make ready pole survey by the utilities been started? If not, why not?
  • What is the revised installation schedule for the project?

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