Broadband survey - Feb 2022

Tom Jewett’s  compilation of our February 2022 anonymous survey 

Follow the highlighted links to see the survey summary and survey comments. 

Survey Summary – This is a count of the survey cards returned.  Cards are summarized in groups that had the same answers to the 5 boxes shown on the report.  For example, there were 4 people who reported that they have Internet, via DSL, are satisfied with it, want better Internet, and want to town to pursue it.  There are 9 who have a connection, via cellphone, are NOT satisfied with it, want better Internet, and want the town to pursue it.

  • It is difficult data to summarize because there are so many different possible combinations of service type, satisfaction and whether they want the town to pursue something better.  If you have questions or concerns please shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.  207-242-7612
  • SurveyComments – I found it interesting that 55 people included comments written on the card.  I have printed those on this report.  They are not sorted in any way and some of the comments may be hard to understand without seeing the specific responses to the survey and the comment at the same time.  In spite of that, I thought that if people felt strongly enough to make a comment, I should pass them along to you.

The last time I picked up the cards was on Saturday Feb 19th.  There were 5 cards in that batch.  I do not pick up my mail every day.  This was the smallest number of cards on one pickup since we sent the letter and survey.  I’m guessing there won’t be many more.



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