Planning Board Meeting - February 27, 2019


The meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM. Regular members present were Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, and Ed Lawless. Minutes of the January 23 meeting were read and accepted.

Creston had advertised tonight’s meeting as a public hearing on changes to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (SZO) required by DEP (see January minutes). No public citizens appeared.

Local Events


Save the first weekend of Fri. Aug 2 and Sat. Aug 3, 2019

 For the Vienna Woods Players performance of “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”. 

Three performances: 7pm on Friday and 2pm and 7 pm Saturday.
And if you are interested in applying to be part of the cast, contact Cheryl Herr-Rains 207-293-3967.


Radon is ubiquitous in our soils, gravels and rocks, but you can’t smell or taste it, even inside the house. It is a breakdown product from Uranium 236 and Radium 22, and is found all over Maine. Usually it is brought into a basement or house by air seeking the lower pressures there, through basement floor or walls, or up through fill or slabs from surrounding soil or rock. It also can contaminate water from drilled wells (not springs or other surface water), and thereby add to house contamination.

Neighbors Driving Neighbors

Neighbors Driving Neighbors (NDN) is a non-profit organization whose

Mission is:  to enrich our communities by coordinating volunteer drivers for those who do not drive, so they can more easily stay in their homes.

Vision is:  that central Maine communities will be a place where people of all ages are able to enjoy meaningful lives while living in their homes.

 Service Area is:  the residents of Vienna, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Belgrade and Rome.

Service is:  free transportation for adults for errands, exercise sessions, classes, medical appointments, shopping, socialization or volunteering.

If you are interested please contact the organization by phone 207.860-0677 or

click here to email us.

Visit our website here and our brochure here

How To Break A Smoking Addiction And Live Longer

Last month I promised to write about how individuals and families can make their habits healthier, starting with one of the hardest but most important of all, stopping smoking. Everybody knows that smoking is expensive and bad in all kinds of ways, but most smokers find it extremely hard to stop! That’s because one’s body becomes both habituated and usually addicted to smoking and the nicotine it delivers. I base the following suggestions on decades of trying to help 1000s of smokers kick the habit.

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