Part-time NDN ride and other coordinator

We are Looking for local part-time NDN ride and other coordinator

From Dan Onion:

Folks could you help us find a replacement for several of our coordinator jobs, all of which Irene Goff did easily, to help Mary Beth Paquette, our manager for the past 1.5 yr, now covering all duties as Irene retires completely Dec 1. We are slowing down greatly because of covid but want to get someone trained up while things are quiet for, we are hoping, spring breakout from covid. See attached job description here

Contact here

New CMP Corridor Referendum


New CMP Corridor Referendum

There will be a volunteer outside of the Vienna Community Room/Firehouse on Election Day, Nov. 3, collecting signatures for a new petition drive to put a peoples’ referendum on the proposed CMP Corridor on the ballot in 2021.

Even if you have already voted this year, please stop by if you want to sign the petition! 

If you cannot make it on Nov 3, you can contact one of these volunteers to arrange a convenient time to sign the petition:

Bob Weingarten​

Eddie Lawless​

Jim Anderberg​

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Broadband for Vienna - new WKLCBA website

Keep in touch with the progress on providing high-speed internet access to Vienna at the Western Kennebec Lakes Community Broadband Association (WKLCBA) website here

In case you missed the recent Zoom webinar, scroll to the bottom and view a recording.

The WKLCBA is a coalition of six towns collaborating to investigate solutions that provide affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service to our rural communities. Our goal is to improve our regional network to deliver broadband internet to all citizens and businesses, both now and into the future. The participating towns are Fayette, Leeds, Mount Vernon, Readfield, Vienna, and Wayne.

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