A Little Jab Will Do Ya, Part II

A Little Jab Will Do Ya, Part II

Getting a COVID-19 Shot Locally

Dan Onion, MD, MPH

Mt. Vernon/Vienna/Fayette Health Officer

293-2076; dkonion@gmail.com

June 2021

Last edition, I wrote about why and how to get vaccinated to protect yourself, those you love and the whole community. Then, the single shot Johnson and Johnson (J+J) vaccine had just come out, Covid variants were just being found, and shots were just becoming available for those under 60. 

Planning Board Meeting - April 28, 2021



At 6:15 PM regular members Waine Whittier, Creston Gaither, Ed Lawless, and Tim Bickford visited the Heath Dolloff lot on Flying Pond, shown on tax map 11 as lot 13-H to consider Mr. Dolloff’s proposal to add a platform and deck with a porch on the southerly end of the existing house along with a porch and stairs on the westerly side of the house.

Vienna Record: Apr-May 2021

View the April/May 2021 issue here

Selectmen's Minutes Jan. 26,  2021 through Mar. 23, 2021

News from the Town Clerk - Municipal Election Results

Planning board minutes - Jan. 27, 2021 and Feb. 24, 2021

From the Health Officer "A Little Jab Will Do Ya: Getting a COVID-19 Shot"

Mill Stream Grange - Dorothy Waugh Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Shaw Memorial Library News

Mount Vernon Community Center

Town Report - 2020

The Annual report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Vienna for the year ending Dec. 31, 2020

There will be NO in-person town meeting this year. See the Selectmen's report beginning on page 5 of this document for the procedures for town meeting this year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Re: Town Meeting 2021


To: The Residents of Vienna 

From: The Board of Selectmen Re: Town Meeting 2021


 In order to be compliant with the current guidelines regarding COVID safety, we are finding it necessary to conduct our Annual Town Meeting in a different way this year. There will be no in-person meeting on the usual second Saturday of March. Instead, and after consultation with the Maine Municipal Association, things will proceed as follows:

 1. The regular election WILL BE HELD on Friday, March 12, 2021 from noon to 8 p.m. at the Community Room on Kimball Pond Rd. Masking and social distancing will be required. Please wait in your car if it appears that the voting booths are full. We will be voting on elected positions as well as all articles usually enacted at town meeting. 

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