Vienna (Vy-enna) a town in Kennebec County was settled in 1786 and incorporated on February 20, 1802 from portions of Goshen and Wyman's plantations. The community was named for what is now Vienna, Austria. (see History of Vienna).


Small, quiet and picturesque, Vienna is located on the northwesterly corner of Kennebec County, 22 miles northwest of Augusta the state capital and just 12 miles down Rt. 41 from Farmington the Franklin County seat.

Vienna lies within the foothills of the western Maine mountains. On a clear day McGaffey Mountain — the highest point in Kennebec County—which is located in Vienna, provides views of Mount Washington, Mount Blue, the Camden Hills and Mount Katahdin.

Vienna Clerk Announcements - March, 2022

2022 Municipal Election results were:

Chris Smith 30

Kathy Kelley 1 write-in

Upcoming events

May 24: RSU #9 Annual Budget Meeting/Vote at 6:30pm at the Mt. Blue High School

June 14: State of Maine Primary Election from 8am to 8pm. 

The vote for the School budget referendum will be at this time.

1st payment for 2022 taxes are due by June 30. 

Hopefully we get the tax bills out by the last of May.  

My hours are:

Tuesday & Thursdays - 5pm to 7pm

Wednesdays - 9am to 12 and 12:30 to 5pm

Last Saturday of the month - 9am to 12 pm

Vienna Record: Apr-May 2022

View the Apr-May 2022 issue here

Selectmen's Minutes February 1, 2022 through March 29, 2022

Planning board minutes - January 26, 2022 and February 23, 2022

From the Health Officer: Covid's next tricks - March 25, 2022

Town Clerk hours municipal election results

Happenings at the Mill Stream Grange

Dr. Shaw Memorial Library News

Vienna Union Hall report

Fire Department News

Mt. Vernon Community Center announcements

News and Comments - Vol. 1 No. 1 - 1984

Editors: Peter Devine, Coloman von Graff, Bob Weingarten

Luther Gray on making Hay, by Alice Bloom

Dr. Shaw Library report by Bonnie Dwyer

Our Schools: Mt. Vernon by William C. Hayes

Candidates Speak Out: Mt. Vernon - Kerry Casey, Jack Flannery, George Smith, Deane Jones, Herbert Choat

Vienna: Our Taxes by Coloman VonGraff

Candidates Speak Out: Vienna - Betty Clark, Gary Seamon, Dodi Thompson, Harold Bean, Alvin Hastings, Irene Goff, Ed Collins, Coloman VonGraff

Vienna: Where does the money go

News and Comments - Vol. 2 No. 1 - 1985

Selectmen of Vienna report

"There is Always Something" - Jean Anderberg - Town dump issues

"I am No Longer Your Town Clerk" - Jon & Claudia Ljunggren

"Who is Running for Office in Vienna" - Rachel Meader, Betty Clark, Ivy Berry, Frank Berry, Linwood Meader

"1984 and the Vienna Planning Board" - Creston Gaither

"Union Hall" - Marti Gross

"The Meader Deer Club" - Coloman VonGraff

"Vienna Historical Society" 

"Mill Stream Grange Vienna" - Judy Dunn

"Civil Emergency Preparedness" - Joseph M. Gajarski

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