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****Broadband Internet Service is Coming in 2024!**** 

Axiom is pleased to announce our ongoing partnership with the Town of Vienna to  install and operate a new fiber-optic internet system that delivers blazingly fast speeds and best-in-class reliability.   

Those interested in taking service should call Axiom to secure your installation.   Requests for service require a $99 deposit at the time of subscription.  The deposit  will be returned to the customer through their first bills for service..   For more information on deposits, please click here 

Call Axiom at 207-255-0679 to sign up for service. Secure your install today! 

Because of high call volume, getting a person on the phone is sometimes difficult  when you call.  PLEASE leave a message on the “Sales” extension with your phone  number and where you are calling from, and we will call you back as soon as  possible. 

When we call you back, please be ready with the following information: • Service address, and any installation details that our installers need to know • What speed package you would like to order (see below)? 

• Would you like to lease a Wi-Fi router from Axiom, or provide your own? • A credit card or other way to pay the $99 deposit to secure your install. 


Monthly Rates
100Mbps/100Mbps $59.99 per month
250Mbps/250Mbps $64.99 per month
500Mbps/500Mbp $109.99 per month 
Seasonal Rates*
100Mbps/100Mbps $611.99 per year
250Mbps/250Mbps $662.99 per year
500Mbps/500Mbp $1,121.99 per year 

*Seasonal rates are paid in full annually and reflect a 15% discount off the regular rate. Seasonal rates may be  applied to accounts that are active for six months of the year or less. 

Service is expected to begin this fall.

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What equipment will I need to connect my home devices to the Vienna fiber optic network?

Detailed Question

What equipment will I need to connect my home devices to the Vienna fiber optic network?

You will need a device called a router to connect to the fiber optic network.

You may purchase one on your own or rent one from Axiom for $7.50/month.

See this document explaining your options and where you can purchase one yourself.

The router you rent from Axiom is described here

Without more funding, nearly 100,000 Maine households will soon lose a federal internet subsidy

Without more funding, nearly 100,000 Maine households will soon lose a federal internet subsidy 

Nearly 100,000 Mainers are expected to lose a federal internet subsidy beginning next month.

For the past three years, the Affordable Connectivity Program has provided at least $30 a month to millions of low-income households across the U.S.. But due to a lack of continued funding from Congress, the last full subsidy was issued in April, with only a potential partial discount available for some customers in May.

Read the entire article here

Planning Board Meeting - March 27, 2024




At 6:40 PM Regular members Waine Whittier, Creston Gaither, Ed Lawless, and Tim Bickford met with Renee Rhoads on her Kimball Pond Road site depicted on Tax Map 10 as Lot 77 to discuss her proposal to place a shed on the parcel. 

At 7:00 PM said members and Ms. Rhoads convened the Board’s regular meeting at the Town House. Minutes of the February 28 meeting were read and accepted.

The Rhoads proposal was then considered. FEMA’s Floodplain Map Panel 115D was reviewed but was not clear as to whether the proposed shed would lie in the floodplain. Creston had taken a GPS shot on the shed’s proposed location during the site visit. He will place this on a floodplain GIS layer FEMA has provided the Town and see if this question can be resolved. The application was temporarily set aside.

Waine has received a call from one Josh Chase regarding trees that blew down during a recent storm near Flying Pond. Waine advised him that no Town permit is required for dealing with them but that DEP may require something and that DEP generally prefers that blowdowns remain in place.Waine said that 30 Mile River Watershed Association has an article about this in their recent newsletter.

The Board resumed consideration of the Rhoads proposal. Based on its observations on site and on Ms. Rhoads’ verbal representations, and on a site sketch she presented, the Board made Findings of Fact Pursuant to Section 16.D. of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, and voted 4 – 0 to authorize Creston to issue a permit for the project contingent on a favorable finding when he plots the GPS shot outlined above.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM


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