Selectmen's meeting

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Laura Church, Linwood Meader Jr., Peg Lang, Jim Wachter, Luke Olson, Mike Rogers
  1. Six sign posts will be delivered next week for new road signs.
  2. Peg Lang raised the following concerns: Too much sand was used on the Cumner Rd., a chain has been placed on the gate at the old town dump, and concerns about mowing the town cemetery across from the United Methodist Church on Tower Rd.
  3. Linwood reported he had met with Dan Goucher re: culverts and ditches on Davis Rd. He has a meeting with Pike Industries for estimates for work on Kilr Beck and Tower Roads.
  4. Jim Wachter requested information regarding the assessment of his home and was provided with a copy of his tax card and abatement application.
  5. Luke Olson discussed his current mowing contract which includes Town House, Community Room/Fire Station, Town Park, and Seavey Corner Cemetery. He signed his contract.
  6. Bids were opened for mowing the Town Cemetery across from the United Methodist Church on the Tower Road. Darrel Varney bid $2575.00 for the season. Luke Olson bid $100.00 per mowing with a season cap of $2000.00. The contract was awarded to Luke Olson.
  7. Mike Rogers from the Maine Revenue Service did the sales ratio analysis.
  8. Reviewed and distributed mail.

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