Selectmen's Meeting - Jan. 2, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Jeff Rackliff, Chris Smith, John Archard, Marti Gross, Steve Young
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  2. Reviewed and signed Warrant #25-to wrap up 2017 expenses. ($61,166.49)
  3. Reviewed and signed Warrant #1-2018 ($25,639.03)
  4. Upon arriving for the meeting, it was discovered that the heating system at the 1) Town House had run out of fuel. We proceeded to have a brief meeting in the 2) cold! (Note: Chris contacted Downeast Energy the next morning. Downcast came out, filled the tanks, and restarted the heater. Thank you to Millie Whittier of the Town House Committee for meeting them. The Town House will be put on a more frequent fuel delivery schedule.)
  5. The selectmen discussed property abatements with a resident of the town of Vienna.
  6. Discussed the upcoming Planning Board “Public Hearing”.

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