Selectmen's Meeting - Apr 10, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith
  • Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  • Lance Meader was hired to update the wiring at the Town House, along with adding new outlets and telephone junction boxes. Total cost will be $1800. The work will begin in the next week or two. The Townhouse Committee has been notified of the work; it will be paid for out of the Dorothy Waugh Trust money.
  • Pulled property cards from the “Changes” list for 2018; also, cards that are flagged for review because of permits, etc. Dodi will meet with John Sexton, Assessing Agent, tomorrow, April 11th, to review and divide the work.
  •  Selectmen did some housekeeping; prepared some areas to accommodate the electrical work. This included the former furnace room, which will eventually be used for more file storage, now that the old furnace has been removed.

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