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Notice of Tax Acquired Property Sale

     The Board of Selectmen of the town of Vienna, Maine is accepting bids for the purchase of the municipality’s interest in five (5) tax-acquired properties. Each bid must be in writing and in a sealed envelope marked “Tax Sale Bid” on the outside of the envelope. Each bid shall be for one property only. Any person wishing to bid on several properties must submit a separate bid for each one. Each bid must also include the bidder’s name, mailing address and phone number and must be accompanied by a Bank Treasurer’s Check made payable to “Town of Vienna, Maine” in the amount of 10% of the bid as a deposit of the bid. Each successful bidder’s deposit will be credited to the total purchase price of the parcel. Deposit checks will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders. Any bid that does not contain the proper deposit will be rejected. Submit bids to Board of Selectmen, P.O. Box 38, Vienna, ME 04360.

Vote! - Mt. Blue School District Budget

Voting for the Mt. Blue Regional School District proposed 32 million dollar budget will take place at the Vienna Community Center on June 9 between 1:00 and 6:00 PM.For more details see the Daily Bulldog Article here

Vienna Newsletter - June/July 2015

The new June/July 2015 Vienna Record may be found here

  • Selectmen's minutes - March 31, 2015 through May 12, 2015
  • Notice of sale of tax acquired property - 4 lots - bids due Aug 4, 2015
  • Notice of the school budget vote
  • Town Clerk on vacation July 6-10
  • Planning board minutes for February 25 and March 25
  • Health officer - Vaccination alert
  • Neighbors driving neighbors seeks coordinator
  • Union hall announcement of two shows in June
  • Dr. Shaw Memorial Library news - summer program listing
  • Recurring community events listing
  • List of upcoming special events - Flying Pond Improvement Association meeting, Historical society plays, etc.
  • Community swap and shop
  • Vienna Union hall composting toilet fundraiser

Planning Board - Minutes: February 25, 2015

The meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM. Regular members present were Waine Whittier,  Alan Williams, Ed Lawless, and Creston Gaither. Minutes of the January 28, 2014 meeting were read and accepted.

Waine noted that he will not be at the March Town Meeting.

Union Hall Outhouse Fund Raiser

The Union Hall Association has launched an online campaign to raise funds to improve the "restroom" facilities at Union Hall.

You can find it at Indiegogo here.

It features a great video starring some of our local talent.

The Kennebec Jounrnal ran a recent story on this effort. Check it out here

And George Smith has an article in the Bangor Daily news here

Whittier Deed and Letter - August 27, 1855

The original letter and deed from Joseph M. Whittier granting the land for the Town Hall of Vienna: here

2015 Tax Maps

The revised 2015 tax maps with an index are available here

April/May 2015 Newsletter

The new April/May 2015 Vienna Record may be found here

  • Selectmen's minutes - Feb. 3 through March 17 2015
  • Overview of the March town meeting
  • Election results
  • Notice of request for proposals for snow removal and salt/sanding Oct. 1, 2015 - May 30, 2018
  • Planning board minutes for Jan 28, 2015
  • Health officer - Bed Bugs
  • Dr. Shaw Memorial Library news
  • Recurring community events listing
  • List of upcoming special events
  • 30 Mile River Watershed job opportunities for 2015 season
  • Community swap and shop

2014 Property Tax Amounts - Corrected report

The 2014 Town Report has incorrect 2014 property values.

The corrected report may be found here

Household Hazardous Waste drop off event

Are you interested in participating in a Household Hazardous Waste drop off event? 
It could cost the town an additional $1,500.00 to be included in one of these events.
There are two drop offs a year sponsored by the KVCOG, Augusta in the Spring and Waterville in the Fall. 
Please send an email to if this is something you would like the Merry Dumpsters to pursue and let us know your preference:
Would you participate in a Hazardous Waste drop off day? 
   if so which would be your preference?
  • Spring Hazardous waste drop off in Augusta.
  • Fall Hazardous waste drop off in Waterville.

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