Selectmen's Meeting - September 11, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Jeff Rackliff
  1. Reviewed and dispersed the mail.
  2. The selectmen read and accepted the minutes from the previous meeting.
  3. Agreed for next meeting’s agenda: the selectmen will vote to adopt the MMA model ordinance for general assistance–Appendices A-F for the period of October 1st, 2018 through 9-30-2019. By law this must be posted for 7 days.
  4. The selectmen went through boxes of old paperwork, deciding what can be disposed of and what must be kept (time periods vary according to the documents). If confidential papers can be eliminated they must be shredded.
  5.  The town received the final sign off from FEMA. The reimbursement amount will be $4,857.62.
  6.  Meeting adjourned.

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