Selectmen's Meeting - Nov. 17, 2017

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Jeff Rackliff, Chris Smith, Marti Gross, Ms. Vickerson, Dan Goucher.
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  2. Read and accepted minutes from theprevious selectmen meeting.
  3. Reviewed and signed Warrant #22 ($154,103.99).
  4. Dodi reported that the Town House fire extinguishers were services earlier today. All town fire extinguishers have been inspected and serviced for the year. This was performed by Tri State Fire and Safety.
  5. The selectmen discussed with the road commission about preparation for the winter road maintenance, recent paving and repairs to the roads after the recent heavy rain and wind activities. Mountain Road in particular was mentioned. It was reported that 2000 yards of sand and 265 tons of salt have been put up in prep for winter road maintenance. Selectmen Smith filled our Form 7 and applied for reimbursement from FEMA for money spent of repairs to the town road from the recent storm. The application was filed for approximately $13,000.
  6. Assisted Ms. Vickerson with reviewing property cards and tax maps.
  7. Bank Reconciliation report was signed by the selectmen.
  8. The Fire Department has purchased the new tank for the SCBA packs. The firefighters have taken photo along with a couple of firefighters in full turn out gear. The photo will be sent to the King Foundation with a note of thanks for their generous donation/grant.

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