Selectmen's Meeting - Mar. 23, 2017

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Jeff Rackliff, Tom Ward, Lidie Robbins, Tammy Holmes, Mark
Holmes, Annie Tibbetts
  1. There was a general discussion with Tom Ward, RSU #9 superintendent, on the budget process. He did indicate that Vienna’s share for the 2017-2018 budget should go down this year. Here is a link to all budget information, calendar of meetings, etc: Mt. Blue Budget
  2. The annual budget meeting will be held May 2nd at the high school. The budget referendum will be held in Vienna on Tuesday, May 16th . (These are tentative dates)
  3.  Lidie Robbins was welcomed as Vienna’s new representative to RSU9. Her official appointment papers were signed by Lidie, selectmen and the town clerk. Her three year term will begin in June. 
  4. There was a follow up discussion about a school bus driver who was seen texting while driving in Vienna. She had reportedly been dismissed, but then was seen driving a bus in another town. Dr. Ward said that a mistake was made, but promised it will not happen again; said bus driver will never drive for RSU9 in the future.

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