Selectmen's Meeting - Mar 19, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Jeff Rackliff, Chris Smith, Marti Gross, Nathan James, Brian Church
  1. Reviewed and dispersed the mail.
  2. The selectmen read and accepted the minutes from the previous meeting.
  3. Reviewed and signed Warrant # 05 ($16282.15)
  4. The selectmen discussed an issue about the Cross Road with a town resident. The resident wanted to know how the section of the road beyond his driveway was closed. The road was closed in 1997 (closed by abandonment – it had not been maintained by the town for 30 years - however it was left open for public access) He has been having issues with people using the road going to Kennebec Highlands.... they have been blocking his driveway, not controlling dogs, etc. It is more of a problem in the winter than the summer. He wanted to know what recourse he had to preserve the peace and quiet of his residence, since there are other ways to enter the Highlands from Vienna. He will put a “Please Park Here” sign at the bottom of Cross Rd. He will also be contacting Kennebec Highlands and Tom Saviello.
  5. April 9th at 2:00 pm, the Town House Committee will meet with a rep from Bangor Savings Bank regarding the Waugh account. Dodi and Treasurer Marti Gross will also attend the meeting.
  6. The selectmen reviewed the Bank Reconciliation report.
  7. The selectmen discussed the recycling program. Scott from Riverside Disposal reported to selectmen that recycling now costs $51 per ton. Vienna recycles 5-6 tons each month. The selectmen will be looking into possible single stream recycling for Vienna and will include the Merry Dumpsters in the well. A new three-year contract will be signed this year for Waste Removal.
  8. The selectmen discussed the Fire Department’s safety gear and helmets with the fire chief. This cost is about $2,200.00 per complete outfit. All Vienna Firefighters are within date gear. Fire safety gear needs to be replaced every 10 years.
  9. Meeting Adjourned.

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