Selectmen's Meeting - July 10, 2018

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Jeffrey Rackliff
  1.  Opened and dispersed mail.
  2.  Read and accepted minutes from previous meeting,
  3.  The selectmen reviewed the Bank Reconciliation report.
  4.  Dodi talked with Global Document Destruction. They are a commercial shredding service. Selectmen are going through paperwork, files, etc. to see what can be disposed of according to the “Rules for Disposition of Local Government Records”. All the old files were brought out of the former furnace/storage room. We will start with those. When everything on file/in boxes, etc. has been gone through, we will make an appointment with Global to do onsite shredding. Hopefully in late August or early September.
  5.  Dodi is meeting with John Sexton, our Assessing Agent, at the town House tomorrow to review several property assessments.
  6.  Wi-Fi has now been installed at the Town House.
  7.  Adjourned.

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