Selectmen's Meeting - Feb. 21, 2017

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Jeff Rackliff
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail.
  2. Read and accepted minutes from the previous meeting.
  3. Reviewed and signed Warrant #04 ($61,483.09)
  4. Discussed the court case between the Town of Vienna and Sandra Wade. The town was represented by John Archard, Code Enforcement Officer. John reported that the Judge Fowle found in favor of Miss Wade; his interpretation was that the portion of the ordinance pertaining to the case was vague. He did say that if the structure was moved again, a permit would be needed.
  5. Selectmen discussed the Public Hearing held at the community center to discuss the three proposals for changes to the Building Ordinance. This was attended by around 50 plus residents. The proposals, two of which contradict each other, will be voted on at the March 10th election.

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