Planning Board - Minutes: October 28, 2015


The meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM. Regular members present were Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, Ed Lawless and Creston Gaither; also present was Paul Gurney, Jr. Minutes of the August 26 & September 23 meetings were read and approved.  

The Board reviewed Code Enforcement Officer John Archard’s letter of Sept. 21 outlining his enforcement action on the Craig lot.   

Paul Gurney Jr. advised the Board that he inherited Paul Gurney Sr.’s house lot (depicted on tax map 10 as lot 2 – B) in February 2013; he has placed it on the market and an appraiser has noted that the lot includes a bunkhouse for which no permit was ever issued, it having been built in late 2012. Paul Jr. has found no evidence of a permit and believes the bunkhouse is about 90 feet from the house and less than 100 feet from the pond. A water line runs to the bunkhouse. He said the lot comprises 1.6 acres +/-; the house has a septic system; the bunkhouse rests on concrete pads and has no heat or insulation. It measures about 12’ x 48’ +/-. Paul would like to rectify its non-conformance issues.   

The Board advised him that he would have to remove the incoming water line and remove enough of the structure to get the required 100 foot setback from the pond in order to get a Shoreland Zoning Ordinance permit. The Board agreed to visit the site and discuss it further with Paul on October 31. He was advised that any new permit would likely treat the structure as a shed and not a “bunkhouse;” the next owner could perhaps convert it to a bunkhouse with the proper permits.  

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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