Planning Board - Minutes: October 24, 2012


The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the Town House; regular members present were Waine Whittier, Ed Lawless, Nanou Laliberte, and Creston Gaither. Minutes of the Sept. 26 meeting were read and accepted.

Creston reported that he had discussed the shed on the Hanson parcel (see August 22 minutes) with Code Enforcement Officer John Archard. John said that he had contacted the owners when the Board originally reported this situation a few years ago. He said the owners claimed that the shed was built in the footprint of a previously existing shed and is thus "grandfathered." John said he did not find enough evidence of a violation to warrant any enforcement action.

Waine reported on a call from Leona Carpentier (who owns property on Kimball Pond. She says her neighbor wants to drill a well less than 100 feet from the pond. She wondered whether this is legal. Table 1 on page 9 of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance seems to indicate that filling and earth moving of less than 10 cubic yards is permitted in the LR zone. Waine will check this with MMA.

Blaine Hopkins, a contractor representing A T & T contacted Waine regarding a cell tower permit for a parcel on the Besse Road. He was uncertain that the site will allow the requisite setbacks to be met. Proposed height is 190 feet.

The cell tower ordinance was briefly reviewed. Waine will invite Mr. Hopkins to attend the required pre-application conference at the Board's next meeting. The Board will have to post the application for public review and notify abutters and hold a public hearing.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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