Planning Board - Minutes: November 28, 2012


The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the Town House; regular members present were Waine Whittier, Alan Williams,Ed Lawless, Nanou Laliberte, and Creston Gaither.  Minutes of the Oct. 24 meeting were read and accepted. Also present was contractor Neal Schultz and A T & T consultant Blaine Hopkins.

The Board discussed Mr. Schultz's proposal concerning the Schulze property on Parker Pond (tax map 11 lot 43-P). The Board had met on site with Neal and the architect on November 25.The Schulzes would like Neal to jack up the existing structure by no more than 3 feet, and install a foundation under the structure. and to shorten the existing deck so that the proposal will not further decrease the non-conformance of the deck ; it was agreed that the following conditions must be met:

1). If any excavation becomes necessary, soil erosion and runoff are to be minimized by the workmanlike installation of a silt fence or equally effective measure(s);
2). any excess material shall be transported outside of the shoreland zone.
3). Crushed stone is to be placed beneath drip edges of the eaves.

The Board agreed that this proposal does not constitute an "expansion" as defined in SZO Sect. 12C1 (b). The Board made findings of fact as per Section 16.D. of the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (SZO), found this proposal conforming, and voted to authorize Creston to issue a SZO permit for this work , subject to the aforesaid conditions.

Mr. Hopkins spoke regarding a cell tower permit for a parcel on the Besse Road. He was uncertain that the site will allow the requisite setbacks to be met. Proposed height is 190 feet. He said AT & T's goal is to upgrade its network. and that 171 sites in the State are planned; and that Vienna's terrain is an obstacle to good digital transmission and that Vienna only needs one tower. He said the proposed site would be near Besse Road and that a 190 foot height is proposed. He has reviewed Vienna's "Wireless Communications Facilities Siting Ordinance." and noted that it emphasizes co-location and believes that this part of the ordinance is somewhat dated. Global Tower Partners of Boca Raton, Florida is a partner. If the Town needed space on the tower it would be available free of charge. He said the Ordinance setback requirements tie up over 3 acres of land. He noted that Sect. E 1(a). suggests that the Planning Board can waive this requirement. This would be a free-standing tower without guy wires and designed to withstand 85 mph winds with 120 mph gusts. He would like the board to identify any areas where the scenic impact of the tower would be of concern.

He said that engineers have determined Besse Road is the area of interest but have not chosen a specific site yet.

They will be co-locating with the Old Bluff Hill Chesterville tower and the York Hill Tower in New Sharon and a proposed tower on Blake Hill Road in Mount Vernon.

He was advised that Vienna has no formal application form but that tonight's meeting will constitute the required pre-application meeting and that he must submit the application in the form of a letter.

The Ordinance requires the Board to retain a Communications Expert; Mr. Hopkins was asked to provide a list of such experts.

Waine advised him that he will want to see evidence that the old tower site on Tower Road is inadequate.

It was agreed that the required notification of abutters could wait until the time of the required public hearing (as the site is currently uncertain).

Mr. Hopkins will send the required information to Waine. Mr. Hopkins' cell phone number is 671-7821 and his mailing address is P.O. Box 573 Greenville, Maine.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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