Planning Board - Minutes: December 28, 2011


The meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM. Regular members present were Alan Williams, Ed Lawless,Waine Whittier and   Creston Gaither.

On December 14 Creston and Alan and Ed and Nanou met at Creston's house to consider the I'Ansons' proposal to construct an 8' x 8' entryway over their existing porch, on their Klir Beck Road property (depicted on the Vienna tax maps as map 11 lot 48-F). (See permit issued Dec. 14).

Minutes of the October 26 meeting were read and accepted.

On November 23  Ed and Waine met informally but no others appeared and no formal business was conducted.

At 7:10 Health Officer Dan Onion appeared to ask whether the Notification of Construction Ordinance (NoCO) requires testing or lead  paint in older buildings -- he had attended a related conference earlier in the month. He said that lead is mainly a  threat to children under age 3 -- cases of elevated levels are appearing in Maine, Mainly where older housing is involved. He said that lead detection is not expensive. He also asked about asbestos.The Board advised him that the current NoCO does not require lead or asbestos  testing.  Dan said we need some kind of education campaign. Waine suggested that a separate ordinance would be the best approach, possibly one requiring applicants to confirm that they've read some informational literature. Dan will continue to investigate and will talk with pertinent personnel from nearby towns.

Several recent permits were processed.

The Board considered the Van Woerts' request to essentially renew the permits they were issued on Nov. 1 2007 for their Whittier Pond parcel; (tax map 11 lot 67). No changes are proposed for the project. It was agreed that they do not need a new NoC permit as the footprint previously permitted is now well-established, satisfying the NoCO requirement that construction begin within a year of the date of a permit issued. Creston was authorized to issue a permit by letter which will essentially renew the 2007 SZO permit.

Creston was authorized to order the latest edition of the land use and planning law pamphlets.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

        Creston Gaither, secretary

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