Planning Board - Minutes: August 27, 2014


At 6:30 PM regular members Waine Whittier Ed Lawless and Creston Gaither met with landowner David Marstaller on his Kimball Pond Road property (tax map 3 lot 51) to consider his proposal to construct a short portion of driveway into the site and to place a culvert where the driveway will cross the Kimball Pond outlet brook,  the area within 75 feet of said brook being a Stream Protection District. The brook lies close to Kimball Pond Road at the proposed construction location. David presented a DEP chart for sizing culverts The culvert where the brook crosses Day Road was examined; it was found to be 30" wide, and the brook between this culvert and the dam appears to be about 4 feet wide; at the project site it appears to be about 8 or 12 inches deep. The proposed culvert would be 20 feet long; the proposed driveway would extend 40 or 50 feet easterly from the proposed culvert.

The said members reconvened at the Town House, where they were joined by regular member Alan Williams and where the regular meeting convened at 7:00 PM.  Minutes of the July 23 meeting were read and accepted.

Mark Rains appeared to discuss a proposed addition to his Vienna Village house. he was advised to determine whether it lies within the Shoreland Zone or not.

David Marstaller's aforesaid application was reviewed. DEP's culvert size chart was reviewed. It appears to indicate that a 48" culvert would be ideal. The Board agreed to require a 48" Based on the information presented and its inspection of the site the Board found that the proposal

Will maintain safe and healthful conditions;

Will not result in water pollution, erosion, or sedimentation to surface waters;

Will adequately provide for the disposal of all wastewater;

Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life, bird or other wildlife habitat;

Will conserve shore cover and visual, as well as actual, points of access to inland waters;

Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan;

Will avoid problems associated with floodplain development and use; and

Is in conformance with  Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Section 15, Land Use Standards.

The Board then voted 4 - 0 to authorize Creston to issue a Shoreland Zoning Ordinance permit for the project.

Waine said he will miss the Board's September meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.     

 Creston Gaither, secretary

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