Planning Board Meeting - July 25, 2018

Meeting Date
Waine Whittier, Ed Lawless, Alan Williams,and Creston Gaither, Scott Horne


The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the Town House. Regular members present were Waine Whittier, Ed Lawless, Alan Williams,and  Creston Gaither. Also present was contractor Scott Horne. Minutes of the June 27 meeting were read and accepted.

Scott presented a proposal to build a 24’ x 36’ camp with a deck on Ricci Viscusi’s  Flying Pond property depicted on tax map 11 as lot 11-H, on which the Board had met with Scott on May 23. Creston noted that he had observed a slope of approximately 24% on this lot with a hand-held clinometer when he surveyed it for Mr. Viscusi. Scott presented a text message authorizing him to represent Mr. Viscusi before the Board. He agreed to forward this to the Board in writing. Creston noted that the Shoreland Zoning Map which shows this lot as Limited Residential takes precedence over the definition of Resource Protection District found in the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. Scott’s site sketch was reviewed and it was agreed that it must be revised to correctly show the setbacks. Scott agreed to do this and said that a Subsurface Waste Disposal (SSWD) permit is in progress.

Contingent upon receipt of the documentation outlined above, and based on its site visit and

On  Scott’s sketch and verbal representations and on its site visit, and a favorable review of the flood hazard maps, The Board determined that the project as outlined above:

  1. Will maintain safe and healthful conditions;
  2. Will not result in water pollution, erosion, or sedimentation to surface waters;
  3. Will adequately provide for the disposal of all wastewater;
  4. Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life, bird or other wildlife habitat;
  5. Will conserve shore cover and visual, as well as actual, points of access to inland waters;
  6. Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan;
  7. Will avoid problems associated with floodplain development and use; and
  8. Is in conformance with the provisions of SZO Section 15, Land Use Standards.

The Board voted 4 – 0 to authorize Creston to issue the usual permit by letter for the proposal, with these conditions:

  1. Erosion control measures are to include best erosion control management practices, silt fencing, a permanent berm consisting of 2 feet of crushed stone;  and a sediment basin;
  2. A catch basin for driveway and roof runoff.

Scott added that he and his company are certified for best management practices in the Shoreland Zone.

DEP’s letter to Waine of July 19 and the order attached to it were discussed. Waine will respond to it. It appears that the changes to the SZO which the Board recommended and that the Town adopted  need not be altered until the next time the SZO  is revised.
The Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Creston Gaither, secretary

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